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A catalogue by photos of residencies past and present

Bermagui June 2022

Working on a site-specific piece for trumpet and electronics with Callum G'Froerer at the amazing Four Winds pavilion on the beautiful south coast of NSW. Callum and I have threatened to collaborate on a project for a while and developing this work in such an amazing space was the perfect place to do it. The challenge of creating an electronics part that gives someone like Callum whose primary artistic practice is around improvisation the freedom to improvise with was well out of my usual comfort zone of notated works was a great learning experience and at the end of the week we'd developed a 12 minute work as a first step to a much larger work down the track. As a bonus we were able to present this work to a small audience, a great way to stress test the work and end a great week.

Really grateful to Four Winds for their support of this crucial creative development time, most residencies feel fairly outcome dependent but being allowed to just create without the pressure of a "deliverable" made it a lot easier to test stuff and see what happens. Looking forward to seeing it develop over the next year, watch this space!

Encounter Bay, SA July 2020 - January 2021

I had set to return to Melbourne but a second wave of COVID in Victoria took me to Victor Harbor in South Australia to spend time with family. This year has been a constant evolution of unforeseen circumstances, and a year that began with a one-way ticket to London is ending by staying in South Australia in 2021 for exciting reasons set to be announced soon. I've been able to complete a few works here now, and preparing for what looks to be a hectic 2021 with new works and a backlog of projects postponed from this year.

I'm writing a piece at the moment for Katie Yap, From Home for string trio, inspired by scenes, fauna and flora of the Fleurieu Peninsula. The images below are either from or of the Bluff, a headland at Encounter Bay practically built of granite formed 300 million years ago

Bermagui May-July 2020

After the coronavirus pandemic hit, I knew the one place I could go and be happy and supported whilst maintaining my artistic practice was Bermagui, about which I spoke with Emma Sullivan at CutCommon. I'm very thankful to have the support I have up here, from the local community and the Four Winds Festival that's allowed me to continue to work and navigate the general stress of the uncertainty, and it feels like every time I come up here I meet more great people. I've been working on a lot of stuff, thus far the completed work has been Pantomime for the MCO season in September, which ended up being delayed to November 2021, and Impulse and invention for Ossicle Duo.

England/France February-March 2020

A tour by the wonderful Affinity Quartet and Lotte Betts-Dean in February featured a new work Portrait of Blood for string quartet and mezzo-soprano. It was the front end of a self-organised residency in Avignon, France, where I mostly worked on Night Terrors before the coronavirus pandemic hit and I had to come back to Australia.  

Bermagui - September 2019

I was able to spend a couple of weeks in Barragga Bay completing a commission for the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, with accommodation provided the local arts community. I was also grateful to have the support of Four Winds, who in conjunction, allowed me to use their space at the Windsong Pavilion to practice and rehearse. The piece itself was my first orchestral work. I had been stressed for months about it, and my time in Barragga Bay where it's so peaceful, isolated and beautiful was critical to the piece's development and completion.

Ian Potter Cultural Trust grant study (London/Berlin) - January 2019

I was the recipient of an Ian Potter Cultural Trust grant to study with Brett Dean in London and Berlin in January 2019. It was mostly to work on my quartet Out of Hibernation, which received its premiere season in February/March. More info can be found here, but it's fair to say it was the steepest learning curve of my career and I learnt some things that are fundamental to my practice today. I also went to Finland.

All That We Are Residency (Hobart)-  May 2018

As part of the Flinders Quartet Workshop in 2017, I was awarded the Scarlet's Fund residency at All That We Are in Hobart. This was the first time I'd ever had to focus solely on composition, and what I learnt about my practice I still use now. I completed quite a bit of work on my wind quintet Streams, and did some preliminary sketching for what would become Out of Hibernation


I was made to feel so welcome by Victoria (and Piper and Sephy, pictured), and Clifton Beach is just great.

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