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Photo: Cameron Jamieson Photography

"Little Cataclysms brought writing for the piano trio well up to date... Laing is obviously an intelligent, effective composer. He displayed in this world premiere a high level of solid, calm, modern expressionism and the ability to create simple, simply beautiful and fresh ways for the piano trio voice to touch us deeply."
- Sydney Arts Guide (08/22), on Little Cataclysms performed by the Z.E.N. Trio with Musica Viva

"Quirkily humorous, (Pantomime) is essentially a dark tale, musically rendered in a carefully constructed interweaving of motifs... (the work) followed a disturbing but ingenious musical trajectory." 
- Classic Melbourne (11/21), on Pantomime with Melbourne Chamber Orchestra

"Laing has a deft sense of movement; his work is fit for choreography, for bodies shifting in space, and this work, which was as much about the silence he wrote as the notes, was no exception."
- Limelight (05/22), on Destructive Interference with Lily Bryant


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