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UTOPIA (2023) is a work for dancers/performers, with music composed by Matt Laing and choreography led by Lilian Steiner, co-choreographed with performers Mara Galagher, Rachel Mackie and Shian Law.

This development took place over 5 weeks in February/May 2023, and was generously funded by Musica Viva Australia, and the Berg Family Foundation as the centrepiece of my participation in Musica Viva's FutureMakers program.


We dedicated ourselves to finding not a dance or music work, but a performance with a common language. UTOPIA is a visceral, exhilarating and surreal melding of music performance, dance performance and the simultaneous creation and destruction of art along themes of Lauren Berlant's Cruel Optimism.

Images by Lilian Steiner, Matt Laing and screenshots from footage by James Wright 2023

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