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Liebeslied (2015)

for solo viola // 5'

liebesliedMatt Laing, viola
00:00 / 05:12

Recorded at All That We Are in Hobart, May 2018 

Performance history​

May/June 2019 (premiere)

Katie Yap

The Baroque Viola (Brisbane, Melbourne)

September 13 2019

ANAM, South Melbourne Town Hall

Sound Bite: Jared Yapp

Henry Justo

October 20 2019

Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House

Freedman Classical Fellowship

Katie Yap

October 24 2019

The Newsagency Annandale

Forbidden Things

Henry Justo​

October 15 2023

ACO Nielsen Pier 2/3

Freedman Classical Fellowship

Henry Justo

Recorded by Thomas Green, June 2019
This performance is on baroque viola


Liebeslied is a miniature for solo viola in homage to Kreisler's salon pieces for violin and piano. In them Kreisler paints a whimsical, romantic and sentimental notion of love, so in tribute to that liebeslied is like an ugly cousin to those works, trying to capture the all the things he left out about love because of course it's not as simple as he portrays.


Limelight, 10/19

" The work’s (liebeslied) rich, sometimes strident overtones and gritty scraping effects (amplification highlighting every detail of the sound) making for an apposite pairing with French spectral composer Tristan Murail’s C’est un jardin secret, ma soeur, ma fiancée, une fontaine close, une source scellée… Justo handled the technical demands with aplomb, and if there is some room to heighten the trance-like stillness in which works like this thrive, the explorations of texture and overtones foreshadowed the music to come"

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