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Out of Hibernation (2018/19)

for string quartet // 23'


commissioned by the Flinders Quartet

Out of Hibernation (excerpt)Flinders Quartet
00:00 / 03:23

Recorded live at the Primrose Potter Salon, Melbourne Recital Centre, February 2019

This is an excerpt from the second movement nocturne for creepy crawlies

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Photo: Melbourne Recital Centre live recording

For full score and parts hire, and full recording access email me

Performance history​

February 24-March 2

2019 Subscription Series - Program 1

Flinders Quartet


Out of hibernation is a 4 movement work without break.

out of hibernation

How it must be for a hibernating animal to wake after 4 months, the bright light, the sensory overload, and the perpetual rediscovery of life.

nocturne for creepy crawlies

spray your life with insecticide

an every day "anyone can use" chemical, used mindlessly that eliminates something that underpins our existence. The impulse of fear and what we do to overcome it at the expense of ourselves.

time can take things away from you too

The insidious nature of photographs; they act to remind you of a person, time or place until over time they replace that person, time or place.

My gratitude to the Flinders Quartet, the Ian Potter Cultural Trust and Brett Dean. This work wouldn't be, or be what it is without their faith and guidance.


Classic Melbourne, 03/19

"The results of working with such an experienced mentor were clearly on show – maintaining a middle ground of intent, not getting lost down ever-diminishing rabbit-holes of dynamic or extended technique; instead, weaving one continuous four-part work that almost imperceptibly moves between the sections, dabbling in only the right amount of technical challenge to convey the underlying theme and desired atmosphere... Nearing the end of this work, I was reminded that we would hear Schumann after the interval, and was impressed by the way Matthew Laing had skillfully mirrored the other works, both paying respect to these great masters of the genre and extending it into the 21st century."

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