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~NEW Work~

This as yet untitled work is a mobile site and context specific work for improvised trumpet(s) and electronics co-composed by Matt Laing and Callum G'Froerer.

With this work we ask; where are we? What is this place, and how are we in it? The place, its's environment, context and history is the prompt, the sound is an interactive response.

The work has an in-built capacity to take on many iterations, with different spaces and collaborators, making each performance is tailored to its time and surrounding environmental and social context.

The initial development of this work was generously supported by the Four Winds Festival in a week-long development residency in June 2022, and below is a gallery of the works development over that time.


We look forward to developing this work further and presenting new contexts for the work. For more information on this project, email me.

The audio here is a first iteration, presented to a small audience at the Four Winds Festival Pavilion near Bermagui, NSW. We layered the sounds of the area into the electronics but for the performance took it out and left the doors and windows wide open to give the audience an immersive live improvised performance with their improvised surrounds.

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