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Space Exploration (2020)

for string quartet // 3'

for the Australian String Quartet

funded by the Creative Partnerships Australia through the Australian Cultural Fund, and made possible with thanks to generous support form the Thyne Reid Foundation

Recorded at ABC Adelaide, South Australia, Kaurna Country, September 2021

Produced by Jakub Gaudasinski
Recording Engineer Tom Henry
Mixed & Mastered by Jakub Gaudasinski

Performance history​

Australian String Quartet

November 2021

The Lab, Adelaide

Four Winds Festival Pavilion, Bermagui

Alkyona Quartet

May 2022

ANAM Quartetthaus, Melbourne Museum

Artwork – Jim Tsinganos Illustration


An encore like this gives an opportunity to really explore an atmosphere or a space rather than a fully-fledged musical narrative. This short work uses a limited harmonic range and delicate fleeting textures to very actively stay in the one spot, like a hyperactive nocturne.

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